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                 03 Dezember 2013




Ideological  and class position :

People’s Liberation Organisation of Afghanistan (SAMA) was founded on the basis of the pressing need of Afghanistan’s working class, and proletariat’s revolutionary thought is its guide of action. This class positioning has its distinct ideological - political line, its specific structure, and its defined organisational norms ; commitment to, and insistence on which, comprise our organisation’s need for struggle and its principles. Capitulationists and liberals have denied this position and our struggle’s cause.


Short Analysis of Internal Situation :

The second conference of  the  cadres and activists ( SAMA – The Pursuers) in its analysis of Afghanistan’s internal situation, has stressed the following points :

In the wake of American imperialism and its international allies’ military intervention, from the very date of 7th October 2001, our country has been transformed into imperialism’s direct colony, whose consolidation has continued so far. The consequences of this devastating, murderous and harmful aggression are the denial of the independence of Afghanistan, and our people’s deprival of their national sovereignty. Furthermore, innocent population’s massacre, terror, murder, bombing, suicide attacks, drug addiction, destruction of national heritage  and   moral and social values, corruption, sexual abuse and honour assault, pauperization, suiscide… are some of many everyday consequences of the imperialist military intervention in Afghanistan.

The puppet government, composed of reactionaries and members of past criminal regimes, are the representatives of oppressing and exploiting reactionary classes (feodal – comprador) who serve the interests of the occupants ; and have been their accomplices in all crimes committed in Afghanistan.

The so-called political official opposition derived from the puppet authority created by the occupants, or in its vicinity but under the protection of the occupants, is composed of Islamic fundamentalists and former warlords, Khalqi-Parchami (pro-Soviet Social Imperialist party members) bureaucrats and technocrats, extending to leftist traitors who had escaped to the West, and now, are in the service of imperialism. All of those mentioned above, proved in their deeds over twelve years that they are only marionettes in the hands of the aggressive imperialism dominating our country; and represent the interests of the reactionary classes. According to their master’s interests, those marionettes are switched into ‘yes’ or ‘no’ tunes. One day, they are appointed minister, advisor, president, deputy, etc., and loyally apply the master’s policies ; then another day, remaining on the occupant master’s side, become opposed to this or that part of the puppet regime.

The present « armed opposition » whose foundation is laid by the hands of imperialism and world reaction with the bricks and cement of the most ferocious regional and domestic reaction, has never been able to (in its height or in its declin) to go beyond the imperialist strategy. Everytime, when armed clash was part of the imperialists’ plan, spring and summer attacks… of the « armed opposition » became operational ; and then, the imperialists start talking demagogically about peace. The « armed opposition under prosecution » then pop up in Paris, London, New York, Ankara, or from their « office » in Qatar (!?) ; and  attend « peace » conferences and negotiations. If we make an exception of the half-innocent, utterly ignorant and misled low ranks who are victims of their own feeblemindedness, the present reactionary leaders and responsibles of the « armed opposition » are all nothing more than a button pushed by the hand of imperialism. With the presence of the « armed opposition », imperialism justifies its aggression in the eyes of the world population.

Stageplayings such as « peace process » and redeployment of foreign troops after 2014 are a sly tricks which are used with the aim of partial change in the American imperialist aggressor’s military strategy. Through this partial change, American criminal imperialism, in order to maintain its regional presence, wants to launch proxy wars according to its needs. This is also planned to reduce their casualties and military expenses ; and by triggering fights between Afghans, at the cost of Afghans lives, means of living, and the destruction and looting of their country, further their own evil plans.

At present, American imperialism has spotted other explosive points in the world where it wants to send troops. Pulling out part of American contingent from Afghanistan does not mean retreat, neither a sign of respect for the will of the Afghan people. The United States needs these troops in the Middle East (Syria, Lebanon, Persian Gulf) ; Lybia, Far East,… Besides, by Americans stuck in a war in Afghanistan, there is the belief that newly-risen Chinese imperialism, and the United States’ inveterate rival, Russia, have got access to huge natural resources in Africa ; something that « go it alone » America can hardly bear. So, to avoid Chinese and Russian advance, The US should show « military claws » in Africa, in order to keep its rivals within the spectrum of American superior military power intimidation. This policy is in close tie with troops reduction in Afghanistan.

The development of the « Shanghai Cooperation Pact » under the leadership of China and Russia, and the strengthening of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) is also another alarm for the USA on the world stage which heralds the probable polarization of power beyond US and Europe. These are factors which calls into question « American imperialism’s being the only superpower », to which the US should react ; regardless of the fact that maintaing a foothold in the HinduKush mountains, as the « Key to Asia », remains as an economical option in American regional strategy. This is to say that American imperialism and its allies have no intention to leave our country. With the year 2014 partial changes, no fundamental change will appear in the nature of American aggression and the situation in Afghanistan. Our country will remain a collective colony of the world imperialist system, and under the command of reaction (a combination of the puppet regime and « opposition ») in a colonial-semi-feodal form.

With the above analysis, naming the principal reasons of our people’s misery, we can see that imperialism aggressing our country and our people, together with its ally, the home-grown ferocious reaction under different names, are of the same class make and nature. They (imperialism, the puppet regime and the official armed and unarmed or political « oppositions ») are considered as people’s main enemies. So, the principal anatgonism of our society is still the antagonism between the people of Afghanistan on one side and imperialism and reaction on the other side.


The revolutionary movement of our country :

Our  people’s anger and disgust towards the aggressing imperialism and its reactionary ally has burst out. Already strikes, protest marches and demonstrations against the colonial system and the occupant masters are taking place all over the country. We can consider them as sparks of people’s more extended struggles. Revolutionary forces should identify national, progressist and promising elements in that context, and contribute to their development. People’s Liberation Organisation of Afghanistan (SAMA – the Pursers) extends its hand to all combatant  institutions and individuals who struggle for human being’s liberation from all bonds and ties of tyranny, colonialism and exploitation. We are ready to work at any level with all combatant, revolutionary, national and democratic forces, who may wish to work with us and wish to creat institutions and means of common struggle ; and shall release defined plans and programmes.

People’s Liberation Organisation of Afghanistan (SAMA) which was created on the basis of the pressing need of the working class, and whose practical guide is the proletariat’s revolutionary thought, from the time of its foundation, has always had the creation of the revoltuionary party of the working class inside Afghanistan, on the top of its agenda with the goal of building of a society exempt from tyranny and exploitation.


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