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          January 23, 2013

Is Taliban’s fighting a National Resistance War?


These days which imperialism’s oppression in our country Afghanistan is being seen and heard by everyone, and invaders and their associates opprobrium and disgracefulness has become public, once again here and there and even in the west, supporting Taliban has come to the mind of some people. With pain, we have been witnessing this tragedy for the last three decades. As with the brutal and barbaric rule of Islamists, the people expressed contention to Bucher Dr. Najeebullah (Russian’s last puppet) and with introducing Taliban’s barbaric and despotic rule, restoration of monarchy came through the peoples minds.

The current situation in Afghanistan under occupation is the repeat of the same tragedy. The reason for this absolutely is absence of a national - revolutionary alternative that the masses could rely on it in their endeavor to achieve their rights and freedom. But, what can be done, this is our misfortune that any criminal came into power, at first they targeted the best descendents of this country with thoughtful heads and hopeful hearts. They targeted the mass and popular organizations and structures. They did this on purpose. They wanted to deprive the masses of the people from wise and intellectual leadership. A little sympathetic of thoughtful personalities that has left, is weather old and weary or some other factors has blocked their way and have been pushed aside. Within the existing affected popular and Left organizations, the various deviations and in-fighting consume their energy.  

I hope that our progressive and patriotic intellectuals and scholars wither young or aged, along with our political mass organizations with a further care and deeper attention to people tragic situation as well as to their historical responsibility to overcome the hardships and pass this hard juncture. This way they can light a candle in front of our oppressed people that they could distinguish the way from the well.

In my view point, the factor that plays a misleading and illusive role in accepting Taliban by some intellectuals, is Taliban's armed struggle that they have waged against Kabul's colonial-administration to return to power. Some individuals think Taliban's fighting is a national resistance war and is against invasion. This is the sensitive point in Afghan's psychology that Taliban clearly targeted and expressed themselves whatever they are not.

However, some individuals despite their knowledge and their academic bold titles, in acceptation or opposition of a movement or a political force utilize ethnical, religious or regional or opportunistic motivations. Directing such people into the right path is almost impossible. But as some people with compassion, based on their understanding, make judgment of this phenomenon to justify their notion they refer to Stalin’s and Mao’s some writings in this regard. In our turn, based on writings of Stalin and Mao, I try to verify that Taliban’s fighting absolutely does not have the conditions and characteristics of a national resistance war that could be supported and accepted by people and progressive circles.

Once, in analyzing the contradictions of our society, we paid attention to different views and debated the foundation of these analyses. There we said that some individuals in their analysis of contradictions consider the reactionary (Islamist) forces as their main enemy and the main contradiction of our society with feudalism and as they say, now part of that force is in an antagonistic struggle against imperialism. Thus, the directive of such analyzers is as such:”To solve the main contradiction with the main enemy (feudalism and feudal forces) we must act in coordination and along with USA and help that government".  We evaluated this as biased, one sided and deviated vision that sees part of the reality but forgets the other parts of it. This unilateral approach eventually falls down to national capitulationism and justifies foreign aggression to the country. On that occasion we mentioned that this view does not see the essence and function of imperialism and its deals, its close ties and its coordination with feudalism and reactionary forces. Our analysis of contradictions has been and still is that the main contradiction in our country is between Afghanistan people and imperialism and reactionary. This analysis originates from the nature and character of our society. Our society structurally was a semi colonial - semi feudal country that with the aggression of imperialism changed into a colonial, semi-colonial- semi-feudal society and is exploited and oppressed by imperialism and native reactionary forces. Therefore, the principal enemies of our people are imperialism and internal reactionary forces. To get rid of these enemies and save the society, we need an inseparable national- democratic revolution. As chairman Mao said:” It is a mistake if national revolution and democratic revolution are considered entirely two separate stages of revolution.” Our revolution must be against imperialism and internal reactionary rule. The reactionary forces in our country includes land owners comprador bourgeoisie, technocrats dependent to the west, warlords, fundamentalist forces of jihadists and Taliban which as Mao said:" They have already lost all sense of nationality and their interests are inseparably linked with imperialism. Japanese imperialism could not have become so blatant in its aggression were it not for this pack of traitors.” (Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung: Vol.I Persian Edition. Page: 234). 

It must not be forgotten that beside other factors, Khalqi-Parchami (Soviet puppets of PDPA regime) were wanting Russian invasion to Afghanistan. We should not forget that these Jihadist (Islamist) forces invited and directed the most notorious killers and destructive elements of Pakistani, Iranian, Arab and American to Afghanistan.

Taliban were imposed on our people as a mercenary army by these foreign invaders. The present colonial- administration as “precipitation of American B52s smoke”, is known for every one. These ones in total are the internal reactionary forces that we defined them a few lines earlier. These forces in their nature are in harmony and along with imperialism and aggression. Really, without the presence of these traitors to our country, neither social imperialism nor western imperialism and world reaction ever could dare to invade our country. According to this analysis of ours, imperialism and reaction are components of one aspect of the main contradiction of our society. Their touching, here and there is the issue of the identity and struggle of the aspects of a contradiction that we have been witnessing such identity and struggle within reactionary forces and between imperialists. Here I want to avoid repeating that.

As we saw in the above deviationist thesis that it separates the interests of feudalism and reactionary from those of imperialism and put them against each other and toward this confrontation, takes side with imperialism and falls to the position of national capitulatioism. The opposition of this view point, considers the principal contradiction only with imperialism and separates the internal reactionary forces from imperialism and forgets that reactionaries are executives and bloody knife of imperialism. In this separation and confrontation, taking side of reactionary forces in the pretext of fighting of part of these forces against imperialism, commits another deviation which is following ultra reactionary powers. Rejecting invasion is a good thing and thus acceptable. Our nation during the course of its history is well known for it. But unfortunately as a result of not paying attention to the question of leadership and combination of Forces in the libration movement each time at the price of losing thousands of lives and destruction of the country. The result of these struggles grasped by reactionary forces and then the society was let to the regressive path. The fruits of independence war of our people against British imperialism in the beginning of the twentieth century in the absence of aware national forces were looted by kings and each of them took our people in captivity. The results of bloody resistance war of Afghan people against social imperialism during late 20th century was taken by US imperialism, regional reactionary and fundamentalist reactionary forces of Islamists and Taliban and put our people in such conditions that every one feels sorry for us. Maybe somebody ask us why did you participate in the resistance war against soviet invasion without preparations and along with Islamic forces? Participation of Afghan national-progressive forces in the armed popular spontaneous movement against Russian aggression without preparatory measures was a subject that has its own characteristics. It must not be forgotten that when the spontaneous armed movement of Afghans started against the bloody rule of soviet puppet regime and their direct colonial rule, the starters and leaders of it were not the reactionary Islamic powers. These Islamic parties came into being because of it and for usurpation of its fruits.

For this reason one of the revolutionary organizations which participated in resistance war (SAMA) by justifying the priority of the motto of national liberation over other demands of the people during foreign aggression, in its first declaration it warned about the spontaneous popular armed movement. SAMA showed the conditions of victory in the national resistance war and the development of it to a people’s liberation movement. SAMA in its first declaration which was written by its founder and leader late Majid Kalakani, stressed that : "the experience of all human societies and out of it anti imperialist wars of our people at the price of thousands lives of descendants of this land demonstrating this truth that national freedom without real democracy, social justice and progressive tendency, except a new type of captivity and blood shedding has no other results". (SAMA declaration 1979).  Pay attention!

SAMA has said clearly that our participation in resistance war is not for war or only for defeating and rejecting aggression. Besides our participation, we have duties in the spontaneous wars against aggression which was waged by people. These responsibilities of revolutionary and progressive forces are as: achieving national freedom, reaching real democracy, securing social justice and stabilization and strengthening of progressive tendency for the movement. With these we can transform the spontaneous popular movement and armed struggle into a guided movement with the said qualities. To be able to lead the society towards further development and welfare and end to the real liberation of the people.

But unfortunately, because of interference and secret deals of imperialism with feudalism and reactionaries and sending of arms, money, experts and fighters, they obstructed our way to reach our said ideals and objectives. Thus, as a result of joint rule and influence of reactionary and imperialist forces to the anti invasion movement of our people, all of the devotions and sacrifices had no fruits, but new type of captivity and blood shedding. This bitter consequence justified the understanding that a spontaneous popular movement without an intact, able and progressive leadership could be turned regressively and towards a new type of captivity by reactionary forces. The national and progressive forces are never allowed to bow to such a deviation or to become followers of it.

The progressive and revolutionary forces at the time of resistance war against Russian aggression and from within it, not only did not follow the reactionary forces which was fighting against social imperialism, but also warned about the danger of the evil triangle objective dependency (social imperialism, imperialism and reaction) and deviation of resistance, through different articles and writings and condemned the interferences of imperialism, regional and internal reactionary powers into the resistance mass movement and foresaw the consequences (refer to Neda-y-e-Azadi SAMA paper).

The national-progressive forces have the responsibility to create and lead mass movements. They also have to participate in the spontaneous mass movements to correctly lead and direct them towards real democracy, social justice and progressive tendency. But when a movement not by masses of the people, but by confrontation of interests of imperialism and regional reactionary is waged and while the savage and barbaric Taliban kills helpless men and women and we have the dark time of their bloody rule in front of our eyes,  with the help of their Pakistani masters continue this war at the interests of different imperialist and reactionary powers, we do not have the right to accept and be followers of it. Because we are not a countable and effective force in the war and do not have the capability to lead it and stay on our own feet, so should we follow Taliban? No, we should not! During the war against Soviet invasion in Afghanistan we had independent fighting fronts, semi-independent and covered fronts.

For sure, we could say as a consequence of savagery and bombardments of imperialism, economic hardships, imposition of Islamic warlords, ethnic-linguistic differences, religious seductions…. some of our people go after Taliban. With all these, with the knowledge of the nature of leadership, dept of regressions and dependency of Taliban, we do not have the right to follow them. Due to presence of some unconscious and deceived people behind them in a popular way, and worse then that, to accept this dark force? On the contrary, we besides uncovering the essence of imperialism and its invasion to our country, with unmasking the Taliban's real reactionary nature, teach the people not to be sacrificed to the evil aim of Taliban and their masters. As SAMA did after the defeat of Russians in Afghanistan during the war between puppet regime and Islamic forces and warned the people not to participate in it (refer to Neday -e- Azadi), we must do the same.

I repeat, as it is our responsibility to struggle against imperialist aggression , looting and killing of innocent people and against Colonial Administration of Karzai, in the same time the dirty essence of Taliban, the unseen helping hand for it, its barbarism and the future of coming to power should also be mentioned to the people and take position against these. The people must be aware of this fact that if Taliban come back to power, the people will experience  the worst and the Taliban will return our society backward for centuries .

From this debate, the conclusion should not be drawn that we with negating Taliban are pro “statuesque”. Never. But it is common to distinguish (not to accept) bad from worse. As Marx considered bourgeoisie more progressive than feudal nobles and Lenin and Mao and others have also explained level of development, backwardness, barbarism and … of different of foes and opponents and specified the bad from worse, to struggle with each one in a proper way.

We consider the present government in Afghanistan as a creature of imperialist aggression.  In our opinion, any kind of cooperation and coordination in the form of taking a high ranking post or being a part or an element of those millionaire NGOs, is going alongside aggression. On the contrary we believe to the complete rejection and defeat of invasion and its creature. We struggle to materialize this ideal and establish a political system based on the interests of the most exploited social classes of our society.

We have to specify who are our allies in the anti aggression war? And what kind of movement is ” National Resistance Movement”?

Here I would like refer to some historical experiences about the ways and forms of unity of revolutionaries with other forces within the “United Front” in a Libration struggle to see what are the conditions of a national resistance war. In connection to relationship between democracy and resistance against Japan, Mao Tse-tung Says: “To work for democracy is to work for resistance to Japan. Resistance and democracy are interdependent, just as are resistance and internal peace, democracy and internal peace. Democracy is the guarantee of resistance, while resistance can provide favorable conditions for developing the movement for democracy.” ( Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung. Vol.I. Persian Edition. Page:440).                                                                    

This principal is necessarily applicable in Afghanistan now. Are Taliban ready to accept other forces with their identity and organization in the united front of anti aggression war beside themselves? Are Taliban ready to follow democratic norms, respect and recognize other political forces and peoples democratic rights and identity in the fighting front against foreign invasion in Afghanistan? Do they want independence from imperialism and other interfering regional powers? Do Taliban are ready to live in peace with other organized armed forces alongside them? I even can not guess about it. Therefore, I do not know how the other forces beside the Taliban work with them under such conditions and what Taliban accept from such forces?

Even if we accept that, the war which Taliban has waged, is a resistance anti aggression war (which is difficult to accept), as this war is not people’s war and gives no right and role for popular forces and to the people, is doomed to be defeated. Any party that wants to participate in this war alongside Taliban has to accept all the Taliban’s conditions and orders. It means one should become a Talib ( singular form of the word Taliban). Therefore, this Taliban fighting can not be defined as “national resistance war.” In this regards, Mao Tse-tung says: “A war of partial resistance by the government alone without the mass participation of the people will certainly fail. For it is not a national revolutionary war in the full sense, not a people's war. . In a national revolutionary war in the full sense, in a war of total resistance, it is essential to put into effect the Ten-Point Program for Resisting Japan and Saving the Nation proposed by the Communist Party.” ( Seleted Works of Mao Tse-tung. Vol.II. Persian Edition. Page: 86).

As you see, even the anti Japanese war which Kuomintang Government with its few hundred thousand army had waged, as it had no mass support and democratic agenda, Mao did not call it revolutionary national war and foresaw its defeat. He only called the war revolutionary and national, thus justifiable and acceptable that masses take direct part in  that and has a democratic agenda to safeguard people’s rights and civil liberties for the masses and political forces. 

Afghanistan resistance war against Social Imperialism was a people’s war and the Afghan masses took part in it by millions. By participating in that war, we wanted to provide democratic agenda for it and give it a progressive aspect. As we did not succeed in our endeavor, this war was deviated from its right path and its initial goal by reactionary and imperialism.

Now, which one of these conditions are found with the savage Taliban (examples of executing innocent journalists, road engineers, medical personnel, mine removal workers, women…) that based on them, we call Taliban a national resistance force and call their war a national revolutionary war and accept it. The Taliban neither have the support of Afghan masses, nor the democracy and peoples rights are acceptable for them.

Mao Tse-tung defined the political objective of a revolutionary national war as following:” The political aim of the war… [Is] to drive out Japanese imperialism and build a new China of freedom and equality.” ( Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung. Vol.II. Persian Edition. Page: 232).

Here we clearly see that kicking out the Japanese imperialists and building a new china are component parts of a political goal that are inter-dependent to each other. Can we guess that under the leadership of Taliban, after the invading imperialists are rejected from Afghanistan, will a new Afghanistan be build with freedom and equality? Never! And Never! Such a thing is utopia and is impossible. 

We despite our past bloody experiences and many thousands of martyrs of revolutionaries and freedom lovers and bitter results of reactionary leaderships of past movements must not approach to the problems just with the anti invading sentiment. From now on, in participating in any struggle or movement, while working on unity, as an independent force with our ideological identity and organization, we must stress on freedom and democracy for the people and progress for our society and never ignore any of such conditions. We will never participate in a struggle just for fighting. Mao Tse - tung has a valuable directive in this connection:” Resistance, unity and progress …the three form an organic whole, and not one of them can be dispensed with. If the stress is solely on resistance to the exclusion of unity and progress, then such "resistance" will be neither dependable nor enduring. Without a program for unity and progress, resistance must sooner or later turn into capitulation or end in defeat. We Communists hold that the three must be integrated… Without unity and progress, "resistance" will be just empty talk and victory a vain hope.” ( Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung. Vol.II. Persian Edition. Pages: 607-608).

It is really like that and our bitter experience has endorsed it. Due to various internal and external factors, we could not include the principal of “unity and progress” in the agenda of anti Social Imperialist war. As a result, after rejecting invaders, the resistance movement surrendered to imperialism and reactionary. Our current tragedy is a consequence of that.

Now,  if any one comes and under the name of resistance against US occupation of our country, impose on us the rule of ( ISI), Maulana Fazul Al Rahman, Bin Laden or Mulla Omar, such a “resistance” is really meaningless and a tragedy. With such allies, hope for freedom is a false one.

Repeating the bitter experience of the past is not a mistake anymore and we must not position ourselves in a place unwantedly and without thinking, where we should not be.

Resistance against occupation by American imperialism and its allies is our right and obligation. This resistance must be prepared by enlightening and mobilizing the popular masses and connect them to the freedom loving forces, with a complete agenda for liberties, democracy and progress for the final libration of our country and people. All national and progressive forces must work for it.

Maybe, some friends quote Stalin that once had said:” The struggle that the Emir of Afghanistan is waging for the independence of Afghanistan is objectively a revolutionary struggle, despite the monarchist views of the Emir and his associates, for it weakens, disintegrates and undermines imperialism.” ( J.V.Stalin: The Foundations of Leninism. Persian Edition . page: 86)

Here we need to refer to the same book of Stalin where he said: “During the last two decades the national question has undergone a number of very important changes. The national question in the period of the Second International and the national question in the period of Leninism are far from being the same thing. They differ profoundly from each other, not only in their scope, but also in their intrinsic character.” (  J.V. Stalin: The Foundations of Leninism. Persian Edition. Page: 80)

A dialectical approach and objective reality, forces us to say that during more than eighty years which  has passed since Stalin’s writing, there have been changes to the questions.

During Stalin time, the national movements in the colonies against imperialism led mainly by national bourgeoisie of those countries were supported.

At that time, it was based on principle and was progressive, because imperialism and colonialism while relying on reactionary forces (mainly feudal nobility) put the nation in captivity. The independence forces mainly led by national bourgeoisie for breaking and or weakening colonial rule, waged independence struggles. In our country, the British Imperialism in dealing with the most reactionary feudalists, kings and Islamic spiritual leaders tried to bring it under its colonial rule. While king Amanullah and his allies, in Stalin words (his associates) that in our history are know as second constitutionalists, were representatives of progressive bourgeoisie. Their agenda so far was the most progressive and the most democratic program in our country. Their libration movement was supported by majority of Afghan people and was not dependent to any foreign power. Therefore, it deserved to be accepted by progressive forces both nationally and internationally.

In reality, as history is witness, that blow was so severe for British imperialism that this government afterwards never could dare to confront Afghan people directly. Stalin and Russian Bolsheviks saw that progressive and popular aspect and supported it. A comparison of this movement and European social-Democrats of the time that supported their own imperialist states, was reasonable.

After the second world war the national bourgeoisie of dependent countries, did not develop and was replaced by comprador bourgeoisie that while resisting one imperialist, depends absolutely on the other. When this last one came to the leadership of a movement, it sold it to the imperialist power depended on. Such examples found in many countries especially in Eastern Europe, and former Soviet Union. There, it can be seen clearly that under the name of independence, they were changed into obedient followers of imperialism.

It is mentionable that presently imperialism and compradorism have close ties with native world reactionary and working jointly to captivate people. For this reason, the reactionary forces of our country, including Taliban, based on their nature and destiny, are tied and dependent closely to different imperialists and  their regional reactionary allies. It is not comparable to king Amanullah’s independence movement. It can not be called a “National Resistance” movement; thus, it can’t be accepted by national or progressive forces.

Here, we prefer to bring an other quotation from the same book of Stalin in connection to the essence of national movements, conditions and forms of support of them as bellow:” The national question is a part of the general question of the proletarian revolution, a part of the question of the dictatorship of the proletariat.”

“The question is as follows: Are the revolutionary potentialities latent in the revolutionary liberation movement of the oppressed countries already exhausted, or not; and if not, is there any hope, any basis, for utilizing these potentialities for the proletarian revolution, for transforming the dependent and colonial countries from a reserve of the imperialist bourgeoisie into a reserve of the revolutionary proletariat, into an ally of the latter?”

“Hence, the necessity for the proletariat of the "dominant" nations to support resolutely and actively the national liberation movement of the oppressed and dependent peoples”. “This does not mean, of course, that the proletariat must support every national movement, everywhere and always, in every individual concrete case.”  ( J.V. Stalin: The Foundations of Leninism. Persian Edition. Pages: 83-84) ( underlined by this pen).

This long quotation, specially the parts that I underlined it, clearly reveals that any movement, even with anti invading appearance, is not the national and anti imperialist movement the proletariat and progressive forces be bound to support it. 

The freedom and anti imperialist movement must save the colonial country from being the reserve of imperialist bourgeoisie and its dependent reactionaries and change it to the reserve of revolutionary proletariat and as an ally of proletariat. Such a movement that its goal goes beyond “Independence” and reaches to national freedom and people liberation, not only must be supported, but also in its formation, development and victory we must endeavor by all might. 

But the Taliban movement of Afghanistan and their Pakistani and non Pakistani allies are bitter enemies of revolution, proletariat and progressive forces. There is no hope in their cooperation and coordination with proletariat and proletarian and progressive organizations. Under this circumstances it is out of question to change Afghanistan from imperialism and reactionaries reserve to proletariat back up and as its ally. This is impossible! With all these, I repeat, we in our occupied country all have responsibility to enlighten and mobilize the masses in order to defeat foreign invasion. In the same manner, we are responsible to prevent killing of innocent people by Taliban or any other reactionary forces and imperialists.

We must get ready for preparation and waging an organized progressive peoples protracted war of national libration and try to develop from organizing ourselves  and popular forces to enlighting and organizing millions of masses.

This mission, despite  imperialism’s advanced weaponry and technology is possible. Today the bold and warrior people of Iraq proved this possibility and surprised the world, tomorrow Afghanistan brave and combatant people too, will do the same. From this moment on, beside that preparation, we can actively and unsparingly support the popular and democratic movement in the forms of strikes, demonstrations and other forms of popular reactions all over the country. With describing and revealing the root causes of the problems of our colony society which are lying in the existence of imperialism and reactionary, we can give anti imperialist and democratic characters to it. We have to try hard in formation of such mass movement.

We must fulfill patiently our fundamental duty of preparation of the three weapons of the people’s struggle proportionate to the exigency of our time and level of today’s development.

Presently we are not at that level of organizational, political and military of development that the armed struggle become the leading form of our struggle and in performing this job, we will be forced to go along side or follow the Taliban.

The so called Communist (Maoist) party of Afghanistan that is found only in the internet, in its party program asses and diagnose the armed struggle as main form of struggle in our country, with this assessment, which is inspired from (ISI) policies in Afghanistan, is talking non sense and invites the progressive movements for capitulationism to Taliban. Every one knows that this so called communist party does not have the capability to stage a protest gathering of ten people inside or outside of Afghanistan, how about the armed mobilization of the masses? Nowadays, their bluffs and blustering has caught them and put them before questions of members, branching out and a deep political and organizational crisis. Even its branched out members in their resolution of their meeting dated December 24. 2007, published in (payame-e-Azady.com), accused this party of having dirty relationship with (NED)* and claim that this so called communist party is drowned in NGOism and has received millions of dollars from invading imperialists to our country. This party that once due to its bluffs had a place in (R.I.M), has lost it now and become disgraced and no body listens to it. The RIM itself with such members, has reached the brink of dissolving, but its principled members has joined the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and organizations (ICMLPO). It is mentionable that (ICMLPO) which has Marxist–Leninist Organization of Afghanistan( MLOA) as an old member, so far has nine conferences behind and is preparing for the 10th conference of  Marxist–Leninist parties and organizations from different corners of the world.

To escape this, we would like to discus the question of main form of struggle. A specific form of struggle becomes the leading one when it is proportionate to the exigency of time and level of development of task, employs other forms of struggle and be the most effective, the most necessary and the most appropriate form of struggle of the time. Besides, all means and executive tools must be available and the revolutionary forces be able and must put that form of the struggle on the agenda and put it into practice. 

We and other revolutionary left forces that from strategic view point believe to people’s protracted war, unfortunately are not in a position and can not wage armed struggle and consider it as the main form of our struggle. Fulfilling revolutionary duties are not, as our ”Maoist Taliban” think, like praying that must be done under any conditions. Parrot like repeating of the words and grandiloquence does not change the reality.

To perform and fulfill our revolutionary duties successfully, we must have specific analysis from specific circumstances and apply revolutionary realism. First of all we must look at ourselves and capabilities within the conditions we are in, and see what we are and what we can do. From the desire of “What has to be done?” to the reality of “What can be done?”, there are always differences. To eliminate these, sometimes it requires a long process of struggle. Marxists-Leninists with their  revolutionary realism, start from “what can be done?” and with their ceaseless endeavor and struggle, try to reach  to the desire of “ what has to be done?”

I hope that one day through our correct, principled, and constant revolutionary struggle, we reach the desire of all patriots and before all, our comrades, and along with our people, our rifles target the invaders and their allies. With complete rejection and subversion of our enemies from our homeland we will be the witnesses of our people victory. It is just then that they will live in a free, prosperous, progressive and justice full society.

Thank you for your attention and patience.

* www.ned.com : Is an American anti communist institution parallel to CIA. Its budget is provided by US government and its mission is to brain wash the youth in many countries like Afghanistan through different programs. It provides fund for related NGOs in our country.

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