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To Condemn the “7th October” Invasion of Afghanistan with chanting of “Down with Imperialism”!

Ten years have passed since the day the American imperialism with the direct support of Islamist criminals invaded our country. With open aggression and by installing wild beasts of the Islamists and Taliban type elements and Technocrat in high ranking positions of the puppet government, American imperialism changed our beautiful country into its colony and dominated our oppressed and ill-treated people with the use of  false and deceitful terminologies of “human rights”, “democracy” and “quest for justice”.

One of the intrinsic characteristics of imperialist economy is economic crisis. History has proven that to get rid of the crisis, imperialists invaded other countries. The most significant example of imperialist aggression is the present occupation of our country by the United States of America and its imperialist allies; the principal axis of which lies on economic profits.

The blood-thirsty worldwide system which we call imperialism is structurally and by nature, a crisis-bearing and crisis-yielding system. In order to manage the crisis, the leaders of this system resort to whatever manoeuvres, lawful or unlawful, inside or out of their countries. The first and second world wars which caused the death of tens of millions of people and  destruction of  half of the globe, were launched to save capitalism from its intrinsic crises, and to provide more profit-making means for capitalists. Anywhere in the world where war, bloodshed and destruction occurred, or are still taking place, political leaders’ and capitalists’ interests have been involved.

The former Soviet Social-Imperialism, which was a form of bureaucratic capitalist system, attacked our country with the collaboration of its puppets, not due to its powerfulness, but to escape capitalist crisis, internal economic and social problems as well as securing the interests of a handful of capitalists at the top and exporting the crisis in which they were bogged down. The former Soviet social-imperialist aggression caused the death of over two million people on both sides, the destruction of  Afghanistan and the disgraceful defeat, fall and dismemberment of Soviet empire; lets mention the fact that imperialistic rivalry between the USA and Soviet Union had a striking role in further encouraging the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Consequently, only Soviet capitalists got richer. In other words, a few by committing such a crime, joined the rank of millionaires and billionaires. But the real victims of this war of colonization were the masses in Soviet republics and in Afghanistan.

In the same manner, the USA has not invaded our country out of powerfulness, but merely to shift its weakness and crisis to outside of America. Before the complete occupation of Afghanistan, the USA was struggling with a deep crisis, and economic as well as social disorder was rife throughout the United States, which is still continuing. According to the NCCP report of Colombia University, fifteen million children (21% of the total number of American children) in the USA, live below poverty line; and 42% of American children live in families of meagre income. Those children face indigence daily in the world’s biggest economy. Heartsandminds.org’s report says that 22% of Americans under the age of eighteen, and 25% of under twelve, are hungry. According to another account, that of Madison Park, published on 18 September 2009 in the health section of C.N.N.( quoting American Journal of Health), every year, 45,000 non senior  Americans die because of lack of access to medical services. Furthermore, on the basis of American imperialists’ own media’s (Voice of America’s) report, in 2010, 2,600,000 people joined the poor in the United States. In total, more than 46,000,000 people live on or below poverty line in the USA, which is the highest number in the last fifty years.

Unemployment is the main cause of poverty in the United States. At present, 14,000,000 Americans are jobless, not less than 7,000,000 lost their jobs following the latest crisis. So, it is not surprising to see that, for a few days now, the American working classes besieging the stock exchange (Wall Street) and shouting that they defend the rights of 99% of American people against the 1% of the rich and opulent class. The labourers are crying out: “We are the majority! We are the 99%! ; and “We will not keep silent anymore!” This happens in a context where from the start of the economic crisis till now, the United States has poured trillions of dollars, under different names, into the accounts of financial institutions, banks and asset management enterprises, in order to save capitalist system. According to a report of Wissa daily of 20th September 2011: following the 9/11 event until  the month of September this year, the United States has spent 34 trillion and 28 billion dollars in war of occupation in Afghanistan and in Iraq. The United States of America is one of the world’s most indebted countries whose debt, at present, amounts to 14.3 trillion dollars. It is worth mentioning that the USA ally, the old imperialist Britain, is also economically in a critical situation. The poors’ riots in that country about a month ago showed the worsening life conditions of the working masses. B.B.C. recently announced that at present among developed countries, Britain has the highest rate of poverty-stricken children; and more than 3.500,000 children suffer from extreme poverty.

In search of solution for those crises and bankruptcies that criminal-minded bands of “neo-conservative” Americans chose to invade other countries, and put the occupation of profitable and strategic regions of the world as the top item on their agenda. The criminal Bush-Rumsfeld band & Co. who are related to most war-triggering groups of capitalists, were charged to carry out that inauspicious plot which is solely meant bloodshed and plundering of the populations of other countries in the world. In its different lies and deceits, as a step in that direction, this band also resorted to the well-known puppet-show called “The Security Council of the United Nations”; and supposedly with the support of that authority, on 7th October  2001, the world-devouring US and its allies committed armed aggression against our war-stricken homeland. In this crime, they had recourse to B-52 fighters and the latest models of rockets. To totally occupy our country, they also benefited from their Islamist and technocrat lackeys’ complicity in the criminal mercenary bands. Consequently, they threw out the fundamentalist  group of Taliban hirelings, and placed their other criminal servants, from the remains of the three defeated and hated regimes, onto the seats of the new puppet state.   

By criminal occupation of our country, American imperialism reveals its important and long-term strategic, political, economic, military and geopolitical goals in Afghanistan and in the region; and would not leave Afghanistan nor the region until their fulfilment: building permanent military bases has been all invaders’ dream, which American imperialism has attained as its strategic goal, and now tries to “officialise” and “legalize” it by signing a strategic pact with the puppet government. Access to huge intact natural and mining resources of Afghanistan which are worth billions of dollars, is the United States’ and its allies’ another goal (According to a recent survey undertaken by American geology survey bureau in over 30% of Afghan territory, the mining resources in the area are estimated around three trillion dollars). Dominating Afghan trade markets, and through this channel reaching the central Asian markets of vast number of consumers, and central Asian abundant resources, to export capital and goods, is America’s another target. Access to and control of central Asia, and of the Caspian Sea immense sources of oil and gas, followed by their exportation after construction of a pipeline through Afghanistan, is one of the US’ most important goals; and of course, threatening China and Iran cannot be excluded from US empire’s strategic agenda.   

But the criminal aftermath of the Americans’ and allies’ war of occupation in our country has been unprecedently enslaving, devastating and annihilating: de facto denial of Afghanistan’s independence, usurpation of Afghan nation’s self-determination and sovereignty, imposition of criminal foreign-made puppets upon our people, and on the whole, the occupation of our homeland by more than 49 countries and 150,000 foreign troops, are the ugliest and the most painful results of the present military aggression. From the beginning of the invasion, on the 7th October 2001 up to now, no single day passes without our dear and laborious compatriots being slaughtered and their homes and belongings being destroyed and burnt. Not one day passing without us being witness of general massacres in Konar, Sheendand, Baalaablook, Uruzgaan, Kandahar, Zabul, Ghazni, Jalalabad, Khoast, Paktia, Loagar and… People’s homelessness, 30% of death rate among children mainly due to gastroenteritis, annual production of drug, worth 61 billion dollars, 1.5 million of drug addicts, 2 million war widows, on average one rape per week, 50,000 air raids in a year, 17 million illiterates, 50 landmine victims in a month, 3 more million added to previous number of population living below poverty line, starvation, shelterlessness, generalized corruption, plundering and usurpation of 4 million hectares of land by oppressors; humiliation and insult, making fun of our  compatriots corpses for entertainment, imprisonment, kidnapping, suicide and explosions are all the consequences of the present aggression.   

With American and allies’ offensive, all our national wealth is being pillaged under the names of privatisation and free market. At the same time, the occupying forces and their treacherous domestic accomplices are taking possession of our national properties. Yet, for decades to come, we are supposed to pay back loans never granted in reality. The aftermath of occupation is also cultivation and smuggling of narcotics and the transformation of Afghanistan into world’s drug kitchen whose real victims are Afghan laborious peasants; the billions of dollar profits of which go into drug mafia’s, especially American, British and Canadian pockets. The repercussions for our people are nothing but infamy, addiction, urgent need for food provisions and chronic poverty.  

However, the oppressed masses of Afghanistan - our heroic people - who conserve the energy of anti-aggression fight and the potential of rebuffing colonial powers in the depths of their body and soul, and have used those potentialities in an astonishing manner throughout the history, have not been able until now, for different reasons to set off their armed struggle. One of the main reasons is the absence of an enlightened, steadfast in allegiance and revolutionary leadership which could mobilize, organise and guide towards the great uprising in the light of vanguard, progressive and revolutionary ideology, and which could analyse past experiences in order to set up programmes in people’s favour, and run them. It is the revolutionary left’s duty to deny hired vulture-natured elements, be it right or “left”, the possibility of exploiting present weaknesses and shortcomings and backward ideologies to, once more, forward their manoeuvres to involve our people in another painful calamity such as the one they are undergoing right now.    

Following a bloody and painful experience of the Khalqis’ and Parchamis’ crimes committed under deceitful slogans of “socialism” as well as religious fascists’ (Islamists and Taliban) betrayals under Islamic slogans, and at present, their experience of the capitalist democracy of imperialism under the slogan of “human rights”, our people are perfectly conscious and have learnt that they are all nothing but aggression, bloodshed, barbarity, destruction, poverty and indigence, drug dealing, moral and social decadence, imposition of reactionary and inhumane cultures, treachery and estrangement in relation to social and national values, spying in the pay of foreigners, and…   

Under the present circumstances, only a combatant-minded, conscious, organised and disciplined leadership composed of all revolutionary Marxist- Leninist organisations, workers’ and proletariats’ unions and institutions, and real and loyal sons and daughters of this land would be able, through hardships of a tough struggle, to rescue the shipwrecked vessel of our nation from the turmoil of imperialism and reaction in which it is caught. The fight for liberation could be achieved only with the wholehearted and active participation of our people, who would steer the nation’s ship to the coast of freedom and sovereignty; and would cut the ties of imperialism and reaction off our homeland forever. And with principled unity, exploitation would be uprooted through determined class struggle.  

The creation of such leadership is the foremost duty of earnest and devoted militants who are to work for it urgently and tirelessly. By this means, the signatories of the present statement, have opened the way to the premier phase of the fight for the great ideal; and hope they could give the start off signal of the motion in the most sincere and self-denying way. Our hand is held out cordially to all such genuine combatants, both individuals and groups, so that with each other’s help in common action and common struggle in the thick of bloody events, and by spotting the real needs of the movement, we could step together in the path of liberation to fight imperialism and reaction.    

The leadership sets up as its mission to bring together the totality of patriotic and freedom-loving forces around the national liberation, progressive and revolutionary programme, based on the interests of the majority of our people, in a vast real front against imperialism, reaction and the puppet state; and would mobilize the above-mentioned forces on the basis of a democratic statute to target the complete eviction of all forms of aggression in all their dimensions, and would guide them to the total independence of our country.

Forward towards a principled and struggle-oriented unity of upright revolutionary forces!
Down with American occupiers and their allies!
Down with native reactionaries and their regional masters!
Towards a society free of imperialism, exploitation and oppression!

People’s Liberation Organisation of Afghanistan ”SAMA” (Pursuers)

Revolutionary Organisation of Afghanistan (ROA)

October 07. 2011

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